Mission Statement

D Con-4 is an online dance training program designed by Danyel Moulton to help create an environment for passionate dancers to continue to grow physically, mentally and emotionally within an ongoing pandemic. This program will highlight 4 key elements that aim to equip participants with the tools to become a better person & dancer in the new dance community we find ourselves in after 2020:  DANCE TRAINING, HIP HOP HISTORY, ACTIVISM, & SAFE SPACES.

Meet the Founder/Director

Danyel Moulton is a world-renowned choreographer, dancer, and leader. In addition to founding the internationally acclaimed teams, V Mo and LFG, Danyel has spent time organizing meetings with the leaders and members of the global dance community and motivating them to speak up for the Black Lives Matter movement, for LGBTQIA+ lives, and for the oppressed communities in the world. Danyel teaches internationally, speaks at college/community events around the country, and her influence is ubiquitous. Danyel’s ability to uplift everyone around her emotionally, mentally, and physically is the driving force for many dancers becoming better versions of themselves. In a world of choreographers that stress the importance of looking just like them when their students dance, Danyel encourages everyone to look like themselves alongside her, creating an environment that fosters individuality and community in tandem.

Danyel’s Mission Statement

I am a dancer, leader & motivator devoted to creating an environment where people can utilize their passion, mental strength & work ethic as a means to share their personal story & find self-confidence through dance. Through my artistry & dance education programs, I aim to push the aspiring performers I serve past their comfort zone to achieve meaningful growth while also inspiring the next generation of movers & change makers across the globe. 

To learn more about Danyel and her work, visit her official site: